Stars – “Hold On When You Get Love, And Let Go When You Give It”

Alright, so this track is already winning the “longest song title on The Wildebeest so far”-contest, but I didn’t pick tonight’s post on title alone. I felt compelled to post this listen, particularly because this song has straight up dominated my playlist for a few days now. Stars is a Toronto-originated, Montreal-based indie rock group with a stellar discography which I’m working on getting acquainted with. On my daily Songza/Spotify/ porn Pandora crawl I discovered their latest LP, 2012’s The North, and giving it a play through, this gem jumped out at me.

Well, not so much “jumped” as “clamped onto me and will not let go for dear life.”

I feel like this listen is my own personal “Don’t Stop Believin’.” You know, the Journey song? “Hold On When You Get Love…” is anthemic, reaching for skies, and undoubtedly bright, confident, and unabashedly catchy. It’s that listen that gets into your system, and just makes you feel good, like, the opposite of a chest cold or something. I dunno, when I listen to this track I just nod my head, grin like a moron and don’t think straight. The tempo and crashing drums, the lead vocalist Torquil Campbell’s urging to beat those bastards with the weakest thing in you, that runway chorus, and especially that break towards the end with Amy Millan’s breathy vocals…there’s a lot to like here. It’s an empowering jam, and it works well for keeping the pace on a good run too, just sayin’.

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