Sun Araw – “Beams”

So, we made it to the end of 2016.

Just barely.

Much like you (probably), I’m firmly in the camp that this year has been an utter garbage heap of insane politics, caustic hot-takes, and the steady, Final Destination-style torrent of random celebrity deaths, and my cynicism knows no bounds for the next year. But hey, at least we got new albums from The AvalanchesTribe, and Run The Jewels so it hasn’t been a total wash, right?

For the last few I’ve been feeling a bit contemplative about life and the state of affairs, and putting some plays on Sun Araw. The California-based indie musician has gained acclaim for his dusted, lo-fi approach to music, the word “Araw” a tagalog word which means “day,” (Sun…day) and Araw fully embraces the calm. His songs are full of repetition, chants, and a distant, dreamlike-quality to the music, making his tracks feel meditative. It’s very easy to get lost in Araw’s vibes.

Now, if I had to sum up the year 2016 in a song, it’d sound something like this. Low and slow, “Beams” sounds like purgatory. Beginning with bells and a lonesome guitar which wafts in like a desert breeze, the song resonates and reflects, and when the vocals come in, you’re entrenched in a space where nothing exists, free of time and responsibility, and Araw keeps you there. But unlike this year, this spot is one you kind of want to be stuck in.

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