Sweet Trip – “Air Supply”

If I ever make a movie about disillusioned teens in the ’90s this listen by Sweet Trip would be the soundtrack’s centerpiece.

It was this listen that introduced me to the San Francisco indie outfit headed up by Roberto Burgos and Valerie Cooper, a somewhat sporadic group known for their experimental production and big stylistic changes throughout their discography, employing rock, techno, drum & bass, glitch, synthpop, and more. I’m really digging their 2009 effort, You Will Never Know Why, for it’s alternative rock and indie pop sound. It’s folksy, nostalgic, and downright dreamy to experience. For me this record evokes a certain time, place, and moment, where everything is rose-tinted, all your friends are there, and everyone is just having fun. The album feels right at home on a Portland college radio station in 1996.

“Air Supply” has been on repeat for me since last summer, and listening to it now, I’m already pining for the warmth and sun. Cooper’s vocals are fleeting, the persistent keyboard melody is both soothing and urgent, the guitars are propulsive. The listen feels like a sweet trip (…Save your tomatoes!).

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