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March 24, 2022 /

I’m bringing fear and all that / The gear I wear is all that / You want to doubt me, talk about me, I ain’t hearing all that…

This is one of the very few songs I can quote verbatim, anytime, anywhere, without fail.

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June 24, 2021 /

Takin’ it back to Da Grassroots.

I wish I was in Toronto right now, sipping rum slow and going in on jerk chicken at my cousin’s summer function, catching up with relatives, reconnecting with childhood friends, and exploring a vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

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September 3, 2020 /
October 24, 2019 /
April 25, 2019 /
April 12, 2018 /
March 10, 2016 /

Go on and let this one play for a minute. Sounds familiar? If you’re a hip-hop fan, you already know, but if you don’t?

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June 11, 2015 /

I’m convinced: In order to have a great album you need to have an electronic WHOOSH sound for the introduction.

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January 23, 2013 /


Run-D.M.C. played a role in my transformation from mild-mannered scrub to lifelong Hip-Hop addict and voracious music fiend (and also a slightly older scrub).

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April 4, 2012 /

On my desktop right now I have a fat stack of (digital) albums. I tend to go on wild downloading binges (legally), picking up projects which catch the eye.  

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