The Internet – “Roll (Burbank Funk)”

Listening to this one from The Internet just thinking about how I miss West Coast Jeff.

It’s been a stressful week but Hive Mind, the superlative 2018 listen from the Los Angeles R&B outfit is helping. The Internet is singer Syd (formerly of the Odd Future collective), guitarist Steve Lacy, bassist Patrick Paige II, keyboardist Matt Martians, and drummer Christopher Smith, and for the better part of the past decade they’ve been putting in work, crafting a refined sound that blends R&B, hip-hop, funk and neo-soul. Their music absolutely blows me away. It’s smooth, composed, and mature. Low-key and very much in it’s element. The Internet is creating some great music, and they’ve been pushing R&B forward for a minute.

For me, Hive Mind evokes memories of last November, when I was visiting Los Angeles for the first time. Bruh, in Cali, my vibe was checked, life was stress free, my mood was elevated, and I was just chilling. I’ll tell ya, being in a crowd of thousands at Tyler’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival vibing to The Internet live was a moment. Gahdamn, I miss live music.

Anyhow, “Roll (Burbank Funk)” has really been on repeat all day. One of my favorite tracks by the group, this one is such a bop. The beat is propulsive and funky, the vocals sound like they’ve descended from the heavens, and the track just rolls with ease and endless, confident chill. I wanna go back!

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