The War on Drugs (feat. Lucius) – “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”

I unabashedly love this listen from The War On Drugs because it sounds like an anthemic soft rock hit from 1985.

What’s been on repeat these last few weeks has been I Don’t Live Here Anymore, the 2021 release from Philly rock group, The War On Drugs. Founded by Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile (who has since departed) the group has been around for while, notching major praise and recognition over the past two decades for their approach to indie rock, bringing a healthy dose of nostalgia to their music, crafting a style that’s forward-looking yet lovingly retro, inspired by the heartland rock of legends like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Their music feels firmly rooted in a bygone era, mid-1980s Americana, while the lyrics from Granduciel are fragile, bluesy, and at moments pretty poignant.

I Don’t Live Here Anymore is the first album from the group I’ve gotten into, and honestly, I’ve been really digging it, especially when the group doubles down on the nostalgia trips. And full stop: The album’s title track, “I Don’t Live Here Anymore,” has been a straight-up addiction for me over the past few weeks. It’s a gratifying, addictive listen, with a bit of grit and familiarity. Like I said at the top: This one feels like a listen your dad probably had on a cassette in his Z-28. The riffs are incredibly catchy, the gated, echoey guitars wash over you like waves, and the song hits some dizzyingly fantastic heights. Granduciel’s lyrics, lamenting a lost love, is despondent and mysterious, and the guest spot from L.A. pop band Lucius helps to elevate the mood, especially when that sweet chorus hits. It’s a really fantastic song.

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