Washed Out – “Burn Out Blues”

This is how my summer was supposed to be, man….

Washed Out is more than just the guy who did the intro music to the show Portlandia. In fact, he’s….well, he’s a little reclusive, actually. Washed Out is the project of Georgia-based musician Ernest Greene, who debuted early last decade with a hazy, laid-back kind of electropop that feels like an emotional nostalgia trip you really never had.

2017’s Mister Mellow is just that type of escape we all desperately need right now, a lush record which feels like spaced-out trip into the blissfully chill infinity, punctuated by Greene’s choral-like vocals and the wandering, kind of exploratory vibe. I’m a bit reminded of Since I Left You, just a bit less spastic.

“Burn Out Blues” sets the tone of the album well. It feels made for a pool party, absolutely bouncy, cool, and all about the positive vibes. When I listen to this, it strikes me as the perfect soundtrack to an endless summer of discovery and fun…basically the complete opposite of the last three months, but what can you do, really.

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