Y-Society – “This Is An Introduction”

Yeah, I know,  it’s the second post, but whatever.

So, wildebeest, huh? Yeah. I can’t tell you where it came from either. I think it came to me in the shower, and it had that certain “spark.” More so than any other animal, it seems. Plus, it was either that, or “Aural Sex,” which I still think is pretty damn clever, and I’m going to trademark one of these days, so don’t even think about swiping it.

But enough of me, I already have an About section to cover what’s going on here, so let’s get into this.

Y-Society, the ridiculously underrated duo of the Boston rapper Insight and the D.C. beatmaker Damu The Fudgemunk (which I must say is quite the moniker), who joined forces to release their first record in 2007. Known as Travel At Your Own Pace, it’s a fitting title for the project, an intelligent, vibrant, and at times very carefree listen, which has the duo really handling matters on their own terms. Insight is a thoughtful emcee who takes long gazes into deep concepts with candor and sharp lyrics, and Damu damn near steals the whole show with his stellar productions. The dude certainly knows his way around a beat machine, and the record is incredibly eclectic, jam packed with well-picked samples and interesting choices in styles and direction. It’s like an aural playground of complete awesomeness.

And “This Is An Introduction” does the damn thing nicely. I know we’re in the middle of winter, but damn, this is like a summer day right here, with Insight bringing the heat (I always liked that bit…”Let’s discuss world destruction, individuality and self-corruption, with ill production, as plugs felt the buzz then, this is the introduction…”) and Damu just having a hell of a lot of fun with the sounds. I can pick out tidbits of Ugly Duckling, Thievery Corporation, and…is that the Fresh Prince? Ha, fantastic.

Now, when are we gonna see that second record?


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