Jay Som – “Tenderness”

A small, good thing today? Discovering Jay Som.

I’m captivated by Anak Ko, the latest record by California indie artist Melina Duterte, AKA Jay Som, who has been making waves since 2016 for her dreamy mix of pop, rock, and R&B. Som’s sound is blissful and easygoing, much like a summer breeze. Anak Ko is tagalog for “my child,” the name origination from the messages of Som’s mother, and much like that title, the record itself is personal and very inviting. Listening to this one you feel like Som is letting you take a step into her world. There’s an intimate confidence found here, and I find myself closing my eyes and being whisked away by this album.

“Tenderness” is a listen which has fast become a favorite. It’s so easygoing, airy, and nostalgic. I especially liked that introduction, as Som sings over a simple drum beat that feels like she recorded it in her bedroom, only for the song to abruptly go silent before returning in a bold brilliant way, like butterfly emerging from the cocoon. “Tenderness” is true to its name, soft, reassuring, and oh so pleasant! The melody is sweet, Som’s singing is angelic, and this listen make you feel warm and happy. Absolutely terrific!